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First pull request of OSD600 course

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It’s been 3 weeks and finally I had a pull request to another student repository on Github, also another guy had a PR on my repo as well, that was fun.

I found a project of Jianpeng Zhang here missing a feature which was colors for output (my PR here) after the issue I made earlier, and immediately I forked his project and added this feature from my side, very simple I used ‘colors’ and made some changes on his code, then I created a pull request (PR), I also made some changes on his README document because I found out some mistakes.

That was fun because contributing to other’s project required time and your interests. When you see a project on Internet and think that project can do something better, you can add new features for it and then ask project owner a merge. In real like this is teamwork, one person can make a good software, but teamwork can help developing a great one.

After this lab I’ve learned more about Git on how to create a PR on command line, what I was always doing in Github GUI before.