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Getting started with open source development (OSD600)

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This course - OSD600 will be definitely the best course of this semester and one of the most interesting courses of entire CPA program I attending at Seneca.

It just the beginning but I found this course will be very helpful for future developers on how to use tools and apply new knowledge into real working environment.

The first Lab we have been working together on Slack group, technically everyone has to do their project, but in reality, we discuss and share ideas to each other on the group and that’s why I meant we all working together, not really individual.

That being said, it wasn’t hard at all to find a partner to review our works, using Slack we can easily find someone to do that thing, this is a plus comparing to “traditional communication” via email which might take a day to get response.

Back to project, I had a look at Stella Jung’s project, you can find it here: https://github.com/StellaJung-Student/http-parser

First issue was ‘timeout’ feature, I thinkI’m not the only one facing this problem, even though it helps program running ‘smoother’. However, many URLs take longer to get response, so all of them get “unknown” status which are incorrect. We need to do a lot to solve this.

Second issue on his project is the CLI program cannot run globally in machine, it’s just about convenience, but one minor improve will help program getting better. So I thought it worth to be mentioned.

And now, back to my project. Having someone else to review and test my code is interesting because it helps me find what I did wrong that I haven’t realized. The problem with my program is lacking ‘timeout’ feature, this is kinda controversy in this entire project because using it can’t solve all problem, to balance between speed and accuracy is not easy. And I believe we will need to do more to make it better and better.