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Hi my name’s Huy Nguyen and I taking OSD600 course, currently located in Vaughan - just North of Toronto. The reason I taking this course because I have a passion in open-source development, I use Stack Overflow daily as where I can find useful answers to solve programming problems, I had some experience in Android & Web development, I used many libraries and they were really helpful for me to develop applications, so I just love how great they are and by taking this course I want to be involved in some of those projects, not huge but some contributions.

From trending repositories on Github, I picked the one called “Algorithms” at https://github.com/VietnameZe/Algorithms just because I used to be a team member in a competitive programming contest many years ago so I have interests in algorithms and stuffs like that. I didn’t have a depth look at it but basically what I see is a compilation of different popular algorithm implementations with estimated complexity. I just love that!