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Another new thing to learn from Git

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I picked the project called find-broken-link and make new issue to it. This lab #4 I have learned more about Git/Github on how to use branch and add feature to other project then create a pull request, and also about how to test other’s work by fetching their modification into my local machine with different versions using some important commands such as:

git remote

git pull

git fetch

The challenging part of this Lab is to understand how the written code of other student and then implement the new feature based on that code, every student has different ways of implementation so I had to read their code very carefully before started to write my code for it.

The new feature was about ignoring URLs that exist in another file. Example: fbl -i [ignore-urls-file] [urls-to-check]

First I read all urls from each file and eliminate matched urls in another file using filter.

Then just check the remaining urls after removing urls that I need to ignore.

The process seemed to be simple but got me stuck sometime. Overall it’s interesting to know more about Git.