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Lab 5 and what I've learned from it

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My commit here for the insane-cli project.

In this lab I’ve learned more about Git, about how to use some features that I was wondering how people has done it earlier. This week’s lab was pretty much all about refactoring my current code and break them down into smaller pieces to make them easier to maintain and enhance its readability.

The first and most important problem is break down the code and not to break the program. I actually broke it at some points but thanks to Git with branching feature so I can revert the code to previous versions wihout having to spend a lot of time to fix it and I know that’s why Git is being used so popular in tech development.

Some simple steps I have done:

Some important commands and steps that I need to remember:

git add [file]

git commit -m "message"

git rebase master -i

git commit –amend

git merge branch