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I ran Telescope project for the first time on local machine

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It’s funny (maybe not) how this is the first time I run Telescope project on my mac, I should have done it before this lab.

For first steps, installation process was very easy, partly because I using mac Os I think? because I see so many steps to do it on Windows to set up running environment for Telescope. So basically I’ve done installation very quick and had no trouble with Docker.

IMPORTANT COMMANDs OF THE LAB 06 to run the Telescope backend & front-end

// to run backend
sudo systemctl start docker                       
docker-compose up --build redis elasticsearch
npm start

// to run front-end
npm run develop

What I did after? The task for this lab is to use the link checker project to check links in 10 latest posts from Telescope at http://localhost:3000/posts. this part also no problem since the link checker program has its feature to do so, I just changed some part of the existing code to make it work as expected.

Overall, I’ve done this lab pretty quick without any error/trouble from installation to checking the pulled data from Telescope. But after this I would make some PRs for Telescope front-end in near future.