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First week of OSD700

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This last semester I will be a part of Telescope project again. But the first week of this semester was disaster to me because of problems in my job due to covid-19 and insomnia that I facing at the moment. I could not think about anything else and felt really stressful all day long. I probably gonna move to somewhere else in Canada (BC maybe) after this semester ended, then go back to my country with friends and family for few months I guess. Living alone during this pandemic is probly the worst time period of my life.

But I decided not to drop this course and keep going with it, but not sure how much I can do. Let’s see! I started learning ReactJs (first React) recently, but now Telescope is changing to NextJS. It’s kinda frustrating but I will keep learning React and a bit about NextJs and see if I can do something for the Telescope project.

My idea in the last semester when I first got to know Telescope was something about video, same as blog posts with “open-source” tag, then videos section will be in form of embedded Youtube videos with specific tag/hashtag will be shown on Telescope

Here’s my photo, you probably gonna see it in top 5 results by searching “toronto island” on Unsplash, so many people viewed it recently: