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Third Week OSD700 - getting trouble with Github cache

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This week I had a PR to Telescope you can see it here and also some other PR reviews. However, this turned out the worst PR I ever contributed to Telescope as it got a big mess in the commits due to cache problem, it pushed every single file in cache and, even though the code work on my local machine, the PR got no check passed.

I found some solutions on StackOverflow to remove the staged commits and re-commited it again, but it seemed that I need to learn more about Git again.

What is this PR about? Porting banner component of Telescope from Gatsby to NextJs. I thought it was simple at first then realized this components also related to other components to work properly. I changed quite a bit the code and run it on my Mac without problem, I believed it totally fine and I can get back to it later to update and make it work properly with other components. However, things just not simple and none of the checks was passed. I have to update it soon. img