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Learning ReactJS, NextJS and porting Telescope's Banner to NextJS

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This week I created many PRs to Telescope but I had some troubles with Git and.. bunch of cache files have been included in my commits that I didn’t know how to make it clean. After using Git rm -r <...> with no help, I searched a lot on Google to “reset” my fork to make it “even” with Telescope upstream. The command that saved me finally, was Git reset --hard upstream/master and I started working on this banner, the last PR needed for the basic UI of Telescope (I believe).


The Pull Request is here, but there’s a lot of thing to do with Telescope. Look at this:

Banner preview

The results are pretty close but the problem now, is the css properties related to the banner and header parts were broken somewhere. I would need some help on this.

Let’s talk about learning ReactJS and NextJs, I’m doing it at the same time, probably a good? or bad way to learn? What I see is NextJs is a framework of ReactJS so I thought it’s okay to learn both parallelly. I found so many “big/popular” website using NextJS and Telescope is also porting to this, then there’s no reason not to learn it based on its advantages compared to others frameworks in web development.