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Get backing to where I should be

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Today is Valentine day, but it’s ‘irrelevant’ to my life right now.

Telescope had some huge progresses in back-end with a microservice framework called ‘satellite’ that you can check it out here - a separate module which runs with Telescope to do some specific tasks, I will cover this in the next blog in more details.

Let’s talk about Telescope a bit more. Pedro and me have ideas for the new UI for the Telescope 2.0. But the problem is the arrangement of components on the main page when me and Pedro have different idea. It’s not a big deal at all but, to me we should make the decision first before we start to work on it.

This is Pedro design:


And this is mine, which is based on his idea (I don’t wanna go completely different):


Well, I believe my arrangement is better for reading experience since we need to make those components fade out or somehome put it out of the side next to blog content, remember this is a blog site - not a social site to show people how many feature we have, the design should focus on the content first. I have no comment about color theme because it was great, but the position of those components need to be considered more.

And lastly, tomorrow is ‘family day’, I wish all of you the best. I’m here in Canada - new country ‘alone’ by myself and I solving many problems, I know everything will be good at the end. Thanks for reading!