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Make SearchBar great again!

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Yes I wanna make the SearchBar great again! Why? To me, the search feature is a must to have with any website which provide thousands or millions of information/blog post records. And Google, you know what they are good at, do you?

last pr

So in the next couple days, I will try my best to optimize it, not only make it looks good but also well functional even though I never had real experience with NextJS.

new search bar

What can I do to achieve?

At this point, I found a solution already which is using a text input complete. But the challenge part is to customize it look good, I’m not a perfectionist but I expected something special the Telescope. After this, I will also re-design other parts of Telescope. Even though I loved the proposed design from Pedro at the beginning, after time I found there are so many problem with that design, the obvious detail is the vertical navigation bar which is nearly blended on the Telescope’s banner. Those important details cannot be ‘invisible’ to readers, and you can expect something more special about Telescope frontend, it’s coming!