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Re-design almost everything and Make SearchBar great again! Part 3

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Many problems on frontend should be fixed soon. The vertical nav bar on the left at the moment isn’t a good idea. Changing its colors won’t help anything to make it visible because it’s all about the size and position. So I suggested a new look to Telescope.

Something as below:



Using sticky post title isn’t a good idea anymore in this new design because post title length is different, some post’s title very short, some super long. A solution for this is probably using separate content page for posts or don’t use sticky title at all at the moment and let them go with the scroll.

Next thing to change? The sticky author information section on the right side of posts content.


If the post content is left align then this component should be placed on the left (with right alignment) instead of right side (look at the screenshot for posts page above).

Lots of things need to change in frontend: landing page, nav bar, info section and colors…