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I enrolled OSD700 course in the next/last semester

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For the release 0.4, I was not in good performance. After this I might need to analyze myself about time management and use time wisely. It took me awhile to get familiar with NextJS which I think it would be the “Next” one I learn, but I was wrong, I was struggling with its documentation and it seemed that take more time to learn new things then I got stresses from other final exams/assignments of other courses. I tried a couple different projects on Github and turned out they were not for me, some really tough for beginner, some of them are too simple, I was spending too much time for selecting the projects that I need to work with - or something called “perfect” project, then wasted time when I realized I could not contribute to it.

On December 9th - open enrolment period for the next/last semester, beside the required course PRJ666, the first course I searched for… was OSD700 because I believe it will be more intense than OSD600, and I got it enrolled!!! I just love this course so much because it is really practical and useful for my career. This blog will be short, see you guys in the next one!